Creative Media Tech 

Using immersive technology to engage the community with arts and culture.

On the Cusp Productions creative digital content producers for film, TV & experiential immersive events.

We are evolving in 2023 transforming digitally with a social impact focus.

Bridging the business community to social impact projects, stimulating investment in the arts and creating new audiences.

Our creative production has contributed to these  brands.

Dreams to Realty Property Insights

Real estate and money mentors share their insights from decades in the industry offering insight into the purchase and selling process.

Audience Demographic

Female 25-55 60% / Male 40%

Tech-savvy, car drivers,

Interested in financial freedom.

Loves cooking at home

Buys women's apparel online.

Doesn't mind pre-loved fashion

Environmentally conscious / recycles

Watches free-streaming TV on OTT

Has read a book in the last year.

Has more than one subscription to apps or online magazines

Oz Art Series 

A diverse range of high end and underground art from Australia. (Interviews & events)


Social experiment livestream first dates at fun Sydney locations with live coaching from top dating coaches. (Interviews and reality TV style fly on the wall)


A deep dive with experts from the world of film into all things storydriven and transmedia.

Virtual Insanity

Our Film & TV Projects

Does technology create EQ?

World-Class Scripts with female driven plots exploring the integration of emerging tech into our lives. 


90 min Feature Film

Turning her back on fighting, MARLOWE, an injured martial arts champion starts a new life as a  security guard. Crossing paths with highschool friends pulls her into a biotech's "sportswashing" scheme attempting to hide their unethical use of AI. Will her last fight be to save her title or humanity?


1 hour Thriller Pilot

Returning to work after a 3 year suspension, female bioengineer, GRETLE notices an error in the lab, causing guilty parties to roam free. Taking matters into her own hands as a vigilante serial killer, she seeks justice by her own methods and means.

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Sage Godrei

Creative Producer, Writer & Innovator

On the Couch with Sage Godrei

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Sage Godrei

How will NFT's democratise film funding.

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